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  • About G4 Pharma

    How We Got Started.

    The Beginning

    A method for change.

    G4 Pharma is part of an international conglomerate, G4 Holdings Worldwide, which houses entities such as G4 Natural Resources and Gravity4. Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, an Indian-American entrepreneur, founded this conglomerate.

    Our founder, Gurbaksh Chahal, strongly believes that our global economic productivity resides in our efforts toward enormous positive influences to our global health efforts, which would result in global social prosperity. Furthermore, Chahal believes that by providing effective generic pharmaceuticals, it would result in reduction of patient suffering, late stage surgeries and shorten the hospital stay.

    Gurbaksh Chahal is committed towards saving lives, increasing life spans, and reducing patient suffering. Chahal believes that while advances in medicine has eliminated deadly diseases and have brought other life-threatening conditions under control, effective drug therapy is now an integral part of nearly every facet of healthcare. With this belief as our guiding light, G4 Pharma is committed to ensuring all cost effective measures are evaluated to enable quality and affordability to manufacture life saving pharmaceuticals.

  • Global Healthcare Innovation

    How We Innovate.

    A statement from The World Health Organization (WHO):

    “Essential medicines are intended to be available within the context of functioning health systems at all times in adequate amounts, in the appropriate dosage forms, with assured quality, and at a price the individual and the community can afford.”


    G4 Pharma has developed a revolutionary business model to carve out the new path for global healthcare innovation.


    At G4 Pharma, our mission is based on this statement. We believe that our global population should have access to necessary medicines regardless of location or income level.

    We recognize that the “right to health” should include access to all essential medicines. Our model is one where innovation meets common good and human compassion. We invest in pharmaceutical relationships to leverage affordable product pricing and dispatch our extensive network to deliver life-saving medications to the people of need throughout our world.


    The G4 Pharma practices are creating a disruption to the existing big pharma monopolies and bottom lines. As the global population increases and people are living longer, there is a worldwide need that continues to grow for life-saving medicines at affordable prices. The challenges in the market today can be rectified if we face them head-on and work with modern day technology, manufacturing and delivery methods. G4 Pharma is at the forefront of this innovative shift and investing in the future for our global needs.


    Through significant research and development efforts lead by G4 Pharma, the ability to deliver necessary pharmaceuticals to those in need on a global scale is in our foreseeable future.


    G4 Pharma is establishing the blueprint for future business models in the global healthcare arena. We are making a significant investment into healthcare innovation and aspire to create a shift in the market for the greater good of our human population.

  • What We Do

    We manufacture and distribute the largest generic pharmaceuticals across the globe.

    Our Mission

    We don't think in dollars. We think in the value of saving lives.

    Backed by G4 Holdings Worldwide and its founder Gurbaksh Chahal, our mission is quite the opposite of the leading pharmaceutical companies in this world. A wise person once said, "you can only change the world, if you try."


    By producing the proper supply, married with innovation, and exceptional customer service this allowed us to forge amazing relationships with governments, sovereign nations and various strategic companies around the globe.


    Our mission is simple, "Safety first. Deliver the best product. Strive to give you a healthier and longer life."


    Our Strength

    What we're trying to accomplish

    G4 Pharma is uniquely positioned in the global pharmaceutical market as one of the largest yet affordable suppliers of generic medication and pharma finished dosage manufacturing. With our forward thinking in research & development, chemistry, manufacturing, new product development, and disruptive marketing strategies, its enabled our global clients the ability to receive the right medications quickly and distribute them across wider populations to people in need.

  • Our Company

    We Strive for Perfection.


    G4 Pharma is committed to the global pharmaceutical needs of our generation. Through our extensive global partnerships in manufacturing and distribution, we are able to utilize our unique worldwide reach and provide people around the world with the life-changing pharmaceuticals they need. Our core focus is to deliver quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices to the established and developing countries. Our commitment, to bringing positive change in the world, is our roadmap towards securing our space in the globally competitive market.


    At G4 Pharma we pride ourselves on an ethical management approach to business practices and take on the challenges that big pharma companies choose not to acknowledge. Through investments in life science research & development and creating innovative measures, we strive to eradicate the global healthcare issues of today. We have a keen focus on customer needs and an unwavering support towards healthy living in our global community.

    Our this philosophy is further strengthened by other similar initiatives, part of G4 Worldwide, and focus towards striving to achieve a positive impact for the betterment of our communities. One such initiative is supported by a non-profit organization, The Chahal Foundation. Gurbaksh Chahal founded this non-profit organization. The organization’s main focus is to create awareness of social causes, provide scholarships and mentorships, support disaster relief efforts, improve schools in third world countries, and to build awareness to eradicate child sex trafficking. At G4 Pharma, we pride ourselves to be part of an organization with core focus being socio-economic welfare of the community at large, founded by the guiding principles led by Gurbaksh Chahal.

    Manufacturing Partnerships

    G4 Pharma secures the premier generic pharmaceutical drugs through our strategic partnerships and investments into the top pharmaceutical manufacturers of the world. This allows G4 Pharma to provide the needed medicines of the world at prices that the global community can afford. Making calculated investments in manufacturing creates tremendous efficiency for product pricing and delivery while generating exponential value to our customers.

    Our Products

    All products manufactured and distributed for and by G4 Pharma are of the highest quality products in the global market. All of our products are World Health Organization (WHO), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant. We believe that quality and affordable pricing should be a constant in the pharmaceutical market and know this can be accomplished through sustainable and environmentally sound operations while delivering a trustworthy product. We understand the scope of needed pharmaceutical worldwide and the responsibility of today’s pharmaceutical companies to answer this call. At G4 Pharma, we are committed to delivering these quality and trusted products at affordable prices to our global community.

  • Our Process

    Making a Difference. One Human Life at a Time.

    Global Distribution

    Everywhere you want us to be ​


    G4 Pharma prides itself for being one of the few pharmaceutical organizations that thrives on quality, efficiency and affordability. We also invest thoroughly in Research & Development to keep our mission and focus alive.


    Research & Development allows us to cultivate new and existing generic products, enabling us to strive to do our best in making a difference. Each market across the globe has different needs. With the proper R&D investments, we've made profits secondary, allowing our core values to quickly expand into emerging markets in need.

    Localized Manufacturing

    Cost Effective Healthcare


    G4 Pharma products are catered to the individual needs in various forms. Our focus is on localized manufacturing of high-grade products based on innovative formulations coupled with extensive research across our manufacturing plants. Health is priceless. That's why we strive for perfection.


    As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies that can utilize it's global presence, we are second to none when it comes to delivering the necessary requirements for the right needs to the right geography.


    Every life matters and should have access to medication.

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